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Deal Genius’ cloud-based AI identifies current sales opportunities based on criteria such as owner equity, current OEM incentives, and inventory availability to create mid-cycle offers before they begin shopping the competition. Turn service appointments into sales with our conquest campaigns!

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Deal Genius utilizes existing data from the DMS to create personalized, time-sensitive offers based on your customers’ payment, equity, and term. Offers from on-hand inventory are delivered directly to consumers via SMS or email.

Personalized Messaging

Curate leads through customer interaction via PURLS (personal URLs), allowing clients to search deals based on price, payment, or cash down.  Deal Genius personnel interact with clients via SMS, email and phone in order to set VIP appointments. 

Closing the Loop

Deal Genius personnel interact with clients through SMS, email and, phone to set VIP appointments and move customers to “Yes” before they arrive at the dealership. 

My Deal Genius allows customers to respond to personalized offers based on cash down, vehicle choice, and monthly payments from the convenience of a desktop, tablet, or mobile! 


Deliver Results

My Deal Genius appointments are ready to buy! 

 In-Dealership Appointments: My Deal Genius customers arrive having already agreed to the terms offered—ready to select their next vehicle and sign paperwork. Revolutionize your sales process with My Deal Genius AI! 

Delivery Result

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